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Fighting for the independents.

Sundial Media Group is a boutique agency located in Orange County, California.  Since 1998, we've been helping artists outside the mainstream maintain relevance in an era where delivery to consumers is rapidly changing.   We are consumers ourselves with strong opinions on release strategy, delivery, fan conversion, and gig promotion - and we fight for the independents.  Our client list features artists that have written, produced, and performed #1 hits on Billboard, worked on major motion picture soundtracks, toured over 250 dates per year - and do it for the love of music.  THAT is our common bond.

Basically, we build, stylize, and energize digital profiles to increase exposure, sales, bookings, and live show attendance for artists that don't have major label backing or budgets.  This is accomplished through a full suite of offerings including modern, responsive website design and development, social media marketing, gig promotion, creative services, fan club management, consulting...and more.




Orange County, CA

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Our Focus Areas


While we're not a traditional management firm, with our corporate operations and legal experience, we'll help you with contracts, booking, riders, travel, hiring, and much more. We're building a database of live music venues and making new connections each day. Let us help you!


Live gigs are where it's at.  This is the "make it" or "break it" component for most musicians in today's market.  You're likely not going to make a whole lot of money from your recordings. Soon enough, they'll be just a facilitator to your live shows. And so will we. At Sundial Media Group, we give live shows the attention they deserve with announcements everywhere, and digital gig "fliers" (samples here) that get distributed via your social platforms. Like we said above, fans of music respond to other arts as well - so make your gig announcement stand out! The venues are usually happy to post these "fliers" as they help sell tickets. Plus, they'll be happy you went to the effort and will likely ask you back. Finally, we'll give your fans the ability to be instantly alerted when you book a show within 25, 50, 100 miles of them. Piece of cake!


Simply - most musician's websites are convoluted and outdated.  Many times they contain way too much "bling", an abundance of spelling errors, they don't read well on mobile devices, and the tour dates have passed.  Don't think you need a website in the age of Facebook? Not true.  Your site is the central hub in your marketing arsenal and it reflects on you as an artist. Our websites are modern, responsive on all devices, and synchronized with your live dates and social media. Take a look at this website on your phone or tablet and see what we mean. If your website needs an overhaul, give us a shot.


The importance of a mailing list or "fan club" cannot be understated. Email addresses are gold for a musician and MUST be collected at every opportunity. Sundial Media Group will help you easily gather names, email addresses, and zip codes from various collection points (website, live gigs, and social media) and we will drop them into a backend database automatically. Newsletter? Well of course! No sense in collecting names if you're not going to use them. Let us send a beautiful, graphically rich newsletter once per month with news, tour dates, promotions, and social invites.


If you're not engaged regularly in social media, you're quickly going to be forgotten.  When you sign up with Sundial Media Group, one of the first things we do is assess your online presence (Facebook pages, Instagram, Soundcloud, BandsInTown, Spotify...and more).   Then, we redesign and brand each platform to match your entire online profile. Once your brand is where it should be, we sync your live dates to all channels and we stay actively involved through the life of your program.  And we're not just talking about text.  Fans of music respond to the other arts as well - so we include intelligent graphics, updated headers, and many #hashtags and @mentions. This is absolutely crucial to your success and we take it seriously.


What is "industry integration" you ask? It's just that - we'll take your new, exciting brand and we'll integrate it into narratives that meander through your genre and the music industry as a whole. Now, we're not a multi-million dollar PR machine - but you'll be surprised at what a few mentions in an industry forum or some blogs can produce. 


Sundial Media Group’s passion for music, design, and marketing is unmatched - and they are so easy to work with.
— Steve Oliver


Let's talk music .

At Sundial Media Group, we want to grow with you as your brand grows, earning your trust each step of the way.  For this reason, we ask for NO money up front.  We begin working the moment you engage us and we won't bill you a cent until we've made an initial impact. If you're not happy, we're not happy. 

In today's challenging climate, we embrace the opportunity to provide solutions and in most cases, our solutions are unique to the artist. Whether you need us to do a quick blitz for a new release or a special set of live shows - or you'd prefer a standard monthly program at an affordable fee, we'll work with you to determine the most effective path for your budget.

Contact us using the form below or call (949) 371-9093. Let's talk music.

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