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2017's "Gaining Altitude" is the debut CD release from Seattle pianist Chris Guthrie. The 10 tracks on the album were co-written and produced by multi-instrumentalist and composer Steve Oliver.

From Chris:

"I’ve always had a hard time drawing lines around my musical tastes, which are, in a word, eclectic. This also applies to my choice of instruments. I’ve performed classical works on guitar, played guitar in a jazz big band (Cal. State Hayward) and in a jazz/blues trio (T. Lane and the Nitehawks), and most recently play keyboards in an alternative rock band (Fred Roth Revue). Now I’m excited to have taken a new step forward (or perhaps sideways!) with the Chris Guthrie Project."

"The heart of this project is a songwriting collaboration with a long time friend Steve Oliver, who produced and mixed the album and is literally the one man band that backs me up on all the tracks! Steve and I recorded this album in several sessions mostly during 2016. It was a great musical experience; the ideas really flowed and we captured a vibe that, in my opinion, falls somewhere in between Steely Dan (without Lyrics) and the Pat Metheny Group - two huge musical influences that both Steve and I share. Also, I’m a big fan of Steve’s music, which made this experience even more rewarding."

"I truly hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed making it!"


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