floyd a. smith

baritone singer & CONCERT promoter

Growing up in San Diego, CA Floyd A. Smith started his first singing group with his high school buddies back in the late 70’s called Satisfaction. Always the entrepreneur he put a backseat to his singing career and begun running successful nightclubs, entertainment promotions, and small business ventures.

A call one day from his childhood friend, Leonard Tucker gave Floyd the opportunity of a lifetime to audition for The 5th Dimension. Leonard already performing with the group recommended Floyd to Florence LaRue one of the group’s original members. Ms. LaRue selected Floyd amongst many outstanding singers. His bass baritone sound just adds to the show stopping harmony of the group. 

Floyd joined The 5th Dimension in late 2008 replacing Michael Minshaw as the Lamonte McLemore replacement as their new bass singer. As a bass singer he has added a bottom to the already soulful, elegant, and harmonic sound of The 5th Dimension. The group is actively touring as "The 5th Dimension", led by Florence LaRue with Willie Williams, Leonard Tucker, Patrice Morris, and Floyd Smith. 

Floyd is set to record and release his first CD project. He will have your remember greats like Barry White, Lou Rawls, and Nat King Cole but with a touch of elegance that is “Simply Floyd”. It is his mission to preserve the bass baritone sounds of these legendary singers in song. His unique blend of soul and today's R&B have men and women alike talking about his mellow and soothing vibrato as he performs.

This is a voice women will want to hear under their pillows and men wish they could whisper. That deep bottom and three octave range is incredible. It will slowly navigate to your heart and mind to remember the great’s singers of our past. When Floyd A. Smith sings, it is a memorable moment, that you will never forget the first time you heard him.


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