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contemporary JAZZ FUNK COMBO

In 2007 the music business, along with the technology that changed the music business model, caught Ray Anthony’s interest. Once technology had leveled the playing field, it made the music industry accessible for all to participate. Ray was inspired to write, compose & copyright a large catalog of original music. The musical works that ensued birthed a musical journey including the project "Powerslyde".

Recognizing that the music industry's model continues to evolve, the band's works continue to morph, allowing it to capture and capitalize on opportunities that have value and integrity. The band is an original Duke City, New Mexico talent performing throughout the state and the Southwest.

Having an amazing amount of fun by bringing the trombone front and center on their new 2017 release "Have Fun", they have created a high energy, bass-driven fusion of jazz, Latin, funk and rock in collaboration with producer, Steve Oliver. The famed guitarist and genre star co-wrote and produced every track with Anthony, who also plays keyboards and piano.


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